Our great LOC team making the registrations of almost 200 participants during the welcome cocktail (from left to right, behind the tables: Pascale Hammès, Roger Hulin, Florence Henry and Valérie Gallina)
Introduction of the conference during the welcome cocktail in Salle Cassini at Observatoire de Paris. From left to right: D. Maugars (President of ONERA), D. Egret (President of Observatoire de Paris), Y. Clénet and T. Fusco (chairs of the AO for ELT conference)
Discussions around a glass of wine at the welcome cocktail in Salle Cassini at Observatoire de Paris.
The audience captivated by Pierre Léna during his public conference about adaptive optics.
Pierre Léna, during the public conference he gave at the Palais de la Découverte in the framework of the AO for ELT conference
Discussions around a poster
A poster session in the hall of the amphitheater Buffon
Questions after L. Mugnier's presentation about "Sensing Quasi-Static Aberrations of Adaptive Optics Systems On-Line with Long-Exposure Phase Diversity" (Wavefront sensing session)
The amphitheater Buffon of the University Paris Diderot, where the conference took place
W. Gaessler during his presentation about "Phase retrieval in the focal plane" (Wavefront sensing session)
The conference dinner room of the boat Le Bel Ami
Enjoying the view during the cruise on the river Seine organised for the conference dinner