Adaptive optics is one of the major challenges in building the future extremely large telescopes. New developments have already started for instrument pathfinders and will be needed in several areas, such as mirrors, laser technologies, wavefront sensing, control and command, driven by the scientific requirements. New post-processing tools will also be required to increase the image quality and increase the scientific return of the instruments.

In that framework, the main conference goal was to gather international AO specialists (and especially young researchers) in order to share and to exchange around subjects and specificities related to the application of AO on giant telescopes. Hence the conference addressed the nine following topics with a dedicated session for each of them:

  • Astrophysic needs and high level requirements for AO on ELTs
  • AO systems and instrumental concepts
  • Laser guide stars
  • Wave front sensing
  • Real-time control
  • Deformable mirrors
  • AO simulations
  • Post processing
  • Pathfinders